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Marie-Ophélie Gindrat and Gaëlle Lefebvre meet for the first time in the corridors of the Neuchâtel University of Music. From the following year, a trio was born out of this encounter with Myassa Leal, a pianist studying at the same school. This was followed by a fruitful musical collaboration filled with the discovery of a magnificent repertoire and numerous performances that allowed them to share with a large audience their passion and love for chamber music, a subtle blend of fusion and individuality. 

Their paths separate for a time, each leaving to pursue their studies in other countries but the idea of reuniting again one day remains present in every spirit. 

This is how the duo Gindrat-Lefebvre was born in June 2016, eager to re-vibrate their instrument in an intimate band, while offering a multitude of possibilities through their immense range.

These two musicians are bursting with energy for this new musical adventure, eager to discover a repertoire sometimes unknown to the public, although harbouring marvellous treasures.


Discover the individual courses of Marie-Ophélie Gindrat and Gaëlle Lefebvre.


© Shirley Suarez photography

Marie-Ophélie Gindrat


Marie-Ophélie Gindrat is a violinist from the French-speaking part of Switzerland. She is passionate about chamber music and has been playing since 2017 in a violin-cello duo with cellist Gaëlle Lefbvre. Together, they will record their first CD in February 2018. This season, they plan to play Vivaldi's double concerto and tour France. 

Since the age of 12, Marie-Ophélie Gindrat has been performing as a soloist, for example in April 2017 next to Benjamin Schmid. In 2018, she plans to play the 4 seasons of Piazzola.

She completed her studies in the class of Carole Haering and Stefan Muhmenthaler (Bachelor's degree). She started her master's degree in Benjamin Schmid's class at the HKB (Haute Ecole des Arts de Berne) and completed her master's degree as a soloist at the Mozarteum in 2015. During her studies, she attended masterclasses with Detlef Hahn, Laurent Corcia, Benjamin Schmid and Michael Wainman.

From the very beginning of her studies in Salzburg, she had the chance to play Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen with the Mozarteum Student Orchestra. Since then she has been solo violin with the Sinfonieorchester der Universität Mozarteum under the direction of Hans Graaf and Gernot Sahler. She has been a regular Konzertmeisterin in Austria, notably with the Orchester Musicacosi conducted by Peter Gülke (Simens-Musikpreis 2014) in July 2014. She is currently a member of the orchestra of musical gardens and replaces several ensembles in Switzerland, such as the NEC (Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain), ESN (Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtelois) and the orchestra Musiques des Lumières (Jura).

After completing her studies, she returned to Switzerland where she opened her violin4all teaching studio in Fribourg. She specializes in pedagogy in the class of Corina Belcea (HKB, Bern).


Novembre 2017

Gaëlle Lefebvre

After her bachelor's degree in the class of Denis Severin at the Geneva Conservatory of Music (Haute Ecole de Musique de Gene? ve), which she graduated in 2011 with a bachelor's degree, Gae? lle Lefebvre completed her master's degree in performance in the renowned class of Thomas Demenga at the Basel Conservatory of Music (Musik- Akademie Basel/Musikhochschulen FHNW). She received her Master's degree with distinction.

Her work in orchestras and ensembles is particularly close to her heart, which is why she focuses on the further development of her interests and knowledge. your

She gained her first important experiences in playing together in the direct musical environment of her youth. Later she was promoted at the Conservatoire de Bayonne in the class of Yves Bouillier and in Paris in the class of Dominique de Williencourt.

She had the opportunity to receive further impulses from many renowned and interesting personalities and to work together with them. These include members of the Quatuor Ysay? e and the Quatuor Talich as well as cellists Philippe Muller, Yvan Chiffoleau, Pieter Wispelwey and Natalia Gutman.

Gae? lle Lefebvre has participated in numerous chamber music or orchestra concerts (ESN, SOL, ITEMPI, NOB...) in Switzerland, France and Germany since 2008.

In 2016, in order to broaden her professional horizons and develop her personality, in addition to her concert career, she completed a master's degree in music education, also in the class of Thomas Demenga at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel.